Frequently Asked questions


How do I record my time and share results

It is not compulsory for you to record or  upload your run, even without recording, your footsteps and contribution will help saves lives through the World Vision Australia COVID-19 appeal. If you do want to record your run and share your results, please do the below:

  1. To be included in the Relief Run results page, input your details and time into the form here or via the link below.
  2. We encourage you to join the Relief Run STRAVA club and STRAVA challenge. Through this platform you can record your time, see and see the results of the Relief Run STRAVA community. If you are not on STRAVA, you can sign up here.
What is the Relief Run?

A virtual running festival from the 11 – 13 June, 2021 with the following events:
3km for kids
However, you wish to move through your chosen event, be it a walk, a run or a shuffle, your impact for this important cause will be the same. All our footsteps count.

Can I contribute to the appeal without running?

Yes! Instead of or in addition to registering for the Relief Run event, you can make a direct donation to World Vision Australia’s India COVID-19 appeal here. (This may be tax deductible for Australian residents) 


Are there any fees deducted from in my registration payment?

All registration proceeds excluding Stripe transaction fees, will be donated to World Vision Australia’s Covid-19 India appeal. Our transaction fees have been greatly reduced through a partnership with Stripe and are outlined below.

1.40% + 30c for domestic Visa/Mastercard transactions (discounted from 1.75% + 30c)
1.75% + 30c for domestic Amex transactions
2.90% + 30c for international transactions
(GST inclusive)

Stripe is also waiving processing fees on the first $25K raised.

What age group is the 3km Kids event for?

The 3km Kids event has no strict age limit, it is for any one with little legs that is not up for running 5kms for more. This event has been included in the campaign to help make participation more accessible to people of all ages, creating more footsteps and more change.

What is a virtual race?

Is a race that can be run (or walked) from any location you choose. You can run, jog or walk on the road, on the trail, or the treadmill, at the gym, or on the track. This race is all up to you, which means you go at your own pace and time yourself.

When will the money be donated to World Vision Australia?
Your registralion fees will be given as a donation to World Vision Australia’s Covid-19 India appeal on June 15, 2021. World Vision Australia is a close and valued partner of this campaign.
How do I organise a community run and get it listed on your website?

You are more than welcome to set up a community run in your own creative way. The most common way that groups have been creating their community runs around the world has been to:

+ arrange details for a group run (date, time, location, distance, contact).
+ get your community to register as individuals on
+ you could put the event up as a facebook event
+ share the details with us and we will share it on our platform


When will my community run show on the wesbite?

As Relief Run is managed and operated by volunteers donating their time, please understand if there is some delay in uploading your community run onto the website. We aim to have all community runs updated within 24 hours of emailing and thank you for your patience in this process.

My friends want to donate to my run, how do they do this?

Donations can me directly to the World Vision Austrlaia’s Covid-19 Inda appeal here.  Whist this won’t be visably attribute to your name, it can certainly be made in your honour. 

I am not from Australia, can I still participate?

As this is a virtual running event, there are no geographical boundaries to participation. We encourage everyone, runners and non-runners, from around the world to join us to raise much needed funds.

Can I complete my runs in two separate runs?
You are most welcome to complete the run in any way you like!
How do I know that this is legitimate?

100% of the registration fee will be going as a donation to World Vision Australia. Relief Run is set up as an incorassociation and has an authority to fundraise through World Vision Australia.

Is this tax deductible?
Your registration is not a tax deductible donation as Relief Run, although corresponding closely with World Vision Australia, is not a Deductible Gift Recipient itself.

Relief Run will be donating 100% of registration fees (less Stripe transaction fees) to World Vision Australia on June 15, 2021

To make a tax deductible donation please click here

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